Why all schools need it

The strategic game plan for your students' success

Why MyCareerPlaybook is vital for all our schools

  • Education is not just about learning – it’s about using that learning to succeed in life.
  • Career planning skills and resources are essential for your students to take the 12 years of learning that you have provided them and leverage it into a successful future
  • My Career Playbook makes it easy for you to provide your students with a clear and concise roadmap for career success

How do your students and teachers benefit from MyCareerPlaybook?

  • One stop research on hundreds of careers at their fingertips
  • Tips and tools on choosing a career
  • Information on thousands of universities, colleges, and training institutes
  • Ability to create, save and share individual career plans with teachers, parents, counsellors
  • Self-directed learning requiring minimal teacher intervention

MyCareerPlaybook makes it easy for you to implement critical career planning resources into your school

  • Web-based service that runs on all major browsers
  • Set up can be done within a day
  • No major training or implementation process required
  • No additional teaching resources of staff required
  • Resources constantly updated and maintained by My Career Playbook staff
  • Very budget friendly

Your next step to a brighter future for your students

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