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The strategic game plan for your students' success

Providing career planning skills for your students just got a whole lot easier

With MyCareerPlaybook your students will have an engaging easy to use web-based resource that provides them with great information on hundreds of careers and helps them make thoughtful, well researched career decisions. MyCareerPlaybook takes the daunting and sometimes fearful task of career planning and makes it exciting giving your students control and confidence with planning their future.

Implementation could not be simpler

Once your school subscribes to MyCareerPlaybook, it takes just a few simple steps to integrate into your teaching resources.

  1. Your students create their own individual account on line
  2. Our instructional video guides your students through the best way to use MyCareerPlaybook
  3. Students start researching and planning their careers and save their plans in their personal on line Playbook ready to share with teachers, parents, and counsellors

Other key benefits of MyCareerPlaybook

  1. Runs on all major browsers
  2. Set up can usually be completed in one day
  3. Constantly updated with new career information and helpful planning tools
  4. Ongoing technical support provided by MyCareerPlaybook staff

MyCareerPlaybook really is one of the most powerful and affordable teaching resources you and your students will ever use. Your next steps to a brighter future for your students

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